Monday, November 14, 2011

My Thoughts on Angels, Saints and Demons: What are Angels?

Angels are not easily seen but I have heard them and I believe if it is not Mary who spoke to me that fateful night, then it really had to be this lovely angel who did. It was a feminine voice and it was so lifting that I cannot find the words to describe that feeling but I heard the voice a few times and I knew something was calling me and directing me to close the windows! Had I listened to the voice, so many things would have changed for me. I regret not doing so but then another help from God was what got me out of the apartment that day. Had I stayed there, I would have been murdered. I just know.Link
Angels are mystical beings God has sent to guide us. They are pure spirits, the ones which stand next to God and we do not normally see them but they are there. The only way to bring them into one's life is to do the right thing in life all the time. Even if someone hurts you, laugh it off. It is the person who hurts that destroys the very fabric of their soul. Just remember that! You send a lovely message to God being good and that's what counts.

I have written my thoughts about angels and you can find this book in It also tells you about the good and the bad I have seen but as to the question on why I continue to see them, that is something I cannot answer. I have seen the worst and I have been frightened, please do not think I have not been but I have learned to accept that some things are best left the way they are.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Preface to the Haunted House in Singapore

Preface to the short story "Haunted in Singapore: My True Ghost Story":

My encounters with the supernatural really began when I was in my teens and it has never stopped since. LinkEven though I now live in the United States, I continue to see ghosts and experience the paranormal. Many of us may have experienced some of these out of the world experiences sometime in our lives and it is quite natural actually. Seeing ghosts is commonplace because of the history that goes into a place. A house somehow encapsulates the emotions, feeling and culture of the people who occupy it and within the four walls, somehow, a lot of history can get trapped over the years. As to why a house retains spirits and ghosts, I have no idea. Perhaps, it has to do with the emotional experiences that occurred in the house through time. If there had been anger, sadness or a tragedy of some sort, that feeling encapsulated by the affected party gets trapped in a space that has difficulty finding a way out. While I have experienced angry spirits as well, spirits that really scared the hell of out me, I have also realized that there are forms that wish no harm. They are just there, as if they are completely lost, trapped through time and really waiting for some direction to move towards the next step only they don't know where it is or what it is. While I have questioned these odd "experiences" many times, I have also seen the divine work in some way or the other as happened on September 11, 2000 at about 10 pm, hours after the World Trade blast. So, just as much as there are bothersome beings from the dark side, I do know there are works of the divine which do happen because I have experienced them.

This short story revolves on my life in a haunted house in Singapore. I call it "haunted" because it truly is. It is a gateway to spirits that walk through trapped walls in my house and not sure which direction they should take, to get out. I believe that it is not the house that is haunted but that there is a path that gets the spirits and ghosts to our property and consequently, they stay there until they find the right way out. Hence, from time to time, we have seen spirits and ghosts, and we have lived with that awful feeling of knowing we are not alone in your own house. You see, my house directly faces an oncoming road and that is considered very taboo in Chinese culture. You may dismiss this as simply an old belief guided through ancient principles which are totally irrelevant to our current times, but trust me, the Chinese culture is an ancient one and they do understand the elements of nature very well. Feng Shui, I understand would have been very central towards containing the effects of the menacing forces I had experienced, but at that time I never knew what that art was. It took us a long time to understand the problems we were going through with the house and when a Chinese man told my father one day that "no Chinese will ever buy your house", we thought he was just darn silly.

Just for the record, there is a house close to where I currently live which has been on sale several times in the years and I see a road that directly faces it. So many times, I wonder if the same problems irk the home owners and so many times more, I had been inclined to walk up and ask but I am not sure what the house owner would think. However, all things considered, something must be obviously wrong that the house has to be sold that frequently. Bad pipes perhaps? Or maybe, there's too much noise being on the main road? I am not quite sure….but I can only guess.

This story will either scare you or make you wonder at the very least about what ghosts and spirits are. They do exist for me. Every word is true and smacks of the macabre. It took me a long time to understand that my house was an unusual one but my experiences do continue and I still see and hear these entities even living here in the USA. I wish I did not. Believe me, it is hard to deal with this ability because ghosts and spirits are not real, most people would say, and because they are not something you can touch and know for sure, they remain an area clouded with suspicion and open to dispute. I have some things to say to that just as much as I have more to say about the time when my husband and I were in our apartment and something incredibly divine took us out. If we had not followed our instincts that day, we would have been killed in our own apartment and no one would probably have known. But yes, that story is for another day…..for now, let's talk about ghosts and the hauntings that went on in my Singapore home…

Haunted House in Singapore is out

I couldn't help it when I wrote this short story. I just had to write the troubling events that I experienced living in my old house in Singapore. After years of telling my friends "Do you know what happened to me once"? or "Do you know that I saw a ghost once...a soldier I think from the past?", I decided that the best thing to do would be to collate my thoughts and write down about my true experiences living in a haunted house and so, I have.

Haunted House in Singapore: My True Story is now out and promises quite a bit of surprising events, all true, and all experienced by me over the time I lived in the house in Singapore.

You can read about the:

1. Allied soldier looking for his walk back to the Kranji War Memorial
2. the vampire, also known as a Pontianak, who got tired of calling my name
3. the two ghosts from Sentosa who decided to follow both my friend and I home
4. about the spirit who held me paralyzed
5. about Panther, the puppy, who never seemed to forget....

and more!

Of course, I have encountered a significant number of paranormal events along the way and I would like to share all but this short story will specifically touch base on that house. In my next short story, I will promise a read on supernatural events and why it is always so important to stay happy. The reason why I say this is because I know and I tell my friends that the last you need is to give spirits the right to hurt your life because they WILL!

For those interested in reading the Preface to the "Haunted House in Singapore", please click the following link:


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